Mar 28, 2015

Cast list announced

The cast has been announced for the upcoming Jo he jo Pong production of Salami Sandwich For Irene:

Patty Cronin as dining room table leg 3
Terry Dantley as rye bread whisperer
Freddy Ozzo as Ross Oberman/Vinny Oberman
Dandridge Leaf as ghost of spicy mustard
himself as Bobby Badinsky, snowflake super agent
Mick Drysdale as Pointing Steve
carpet sample as itself
Carla Trimm as melting candle wax
Abraham Claize as the singing shampoo bottle of hope
Ahmah-Ahemeel Barooh as bag of sawdust
Potato as Lyle Durly
The Ronaldos as themselves
Linette Cork as goldfish 5
Baxter O'Shall as Senator Feathers/communal microwave

Yorlap Playhouse: April 27-May 8

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