Mar 29, 2015


The N.C. State softball team defeated Georgia Tech 10-0 Sunday afternoon in Atlanta, but that wasn't the main story. A fan sitting front row next to the Wolfpack dugout? He was the star of the show.

He had nicknames and phrases for many of the N.C. State players. Here's the full list:

Alyssa Compton - "A-C", "We believe A-C!", "Pretty work, A-C!"
Molly Hutchison - "Wood", "Molls"
Tyler Ross - "T-Ross", "Good talkin' T-Ross!", "Be the boss, T-Ross!"
Maggie Hawkins - "Mags", "Hawk", "That's the Hawk!", "Be a hawk!"
Emily Weiman - "Em", "Eat 'em up, Em!"
Renada Davis (jersey #25) - "Ray", "Ray-Ray", "Nada", "2-5 you a playa!"
Hannah Yeager - "Yoggs", "Yeager bombs"
Macauley Prickett - "Mac", "Smack"
Morgan Medford - "Smash"

Shouts to no one in particular

"Be a beast!"
"Keep faith!"

Mar 28, 2015

Cast list announced

The cast has been announced for the upcoming Jo he jo Pong production of Salami Sandwich For Irene:

Patty Cronin as dining room table leg 3
Terry Dantley as rye bread whisperer
Freddy Ozzo as Ross Oberman/Vinny Oberman
Dandridge Leaf as ghost of spicy mustard
himself as Bobby Badinsky, snowflake super agent
Mick Drysdale as Pointing Steve
carpet sample as itself
Carla Trimm as melting candle wax
Abraham Claize as the singing shampoo bottle of hope
Ahmah-Ahemeel Barooh as bag of sawdust
Potato as Lyle Durly
The Ronaldos as themselves
Linette Cork as goldfish 5
Baxter O'Shall as Senator Feathers/communal microwave

Yorlap Playhouse: April 27-May 8

Mar 26, 2015

Chris Webber

Mr. Webber, please share some of your insight from the Thursday games between Notre Dame/Wichita State and Kentucky/West Virginia...

"You stick with who brought you to the dance, you stick with that girl."

"You can't win a game in the first half. Just go into the locker room, put on your headphones, wash your hands, come back out."

(On West Virginia's BillyDee Williams) "Hopefully his game is as smooth as the actor"

"If you're lions, you don't worry about the complaints of a sheep"

Chris Webber Nonsense Update (C.W.N.U.) - 3/28 - Notre Dame vs. Kentucky

"You just can't all of a sudden find religion because you're in the Elite 8"

I guess my main question/concern would be: does anyone know what Chris Webber is talking about?

Mar 25, 2015

Recent additions to "Baseball Phrases"

"RBI knock"
"Let's see if he can roll one up"
"Stabbing at the baseball"
"I need to get those few more velos"
"Base running snafu"
"Plug a gap"

Full list

Mar 20, 2015

Mar 18, 2015


Below is the final "basketball" count for truTV announcer Steve Smith during the second half of Tuesday's Hampton-Manhattan game.

As in "the basketball game" - 7
As in "the basketball team" - 4
As in "the basketball player" - 4
"Manhattan basketball" - 1
In reference to the actual basketball - 25

Final count

41 basketballs

Mar 11, 2015

Recent additions to "Basketball Phrases"

"Paint points"
"She's not gun shy"
"Belly up"
"Flex set"
"That's a return a favor foul"
"He keeps going back to the ATM and finally it pays off"

Full list