Nov 27, 2014

Recent additions to 'Football Phrases'

"That consistency has a lot to do with his motor"
"Iron sharpens iron"
"He brings the thump"
"A 243-pound freight train"
"Legion of Boom"

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Nov 22, 2014


Below is the final "football" count for CBS analyst Gary Danielson during Saturday's Mississippi-Arkansas game.

First half

Total times said: 17

As in "this football game" - 5
As in "this football team" - 4
In reference to the actual football - 6
In reference to a football player - 1
"SEC Football" - 1

Second half

Total times said: 19

"Football game" - 9
"Football team" - 4
The ball - 5
"Arkansas Football" - 1

Final Count

36 footballs

Nov 14, 2014

Additions to the ILTCSC glossary

"A real Herbert Klumm" - the act of wearing more than one pair of blue jeans at a time
Bbqchippass - a person who, when they die, wishes to be buried under a pile of barbecue potato chips
Forkcroon - to serenade a salad fork
Latorman - half-man, half-escalator


Nov 4, 2014

Recent additions to 'Baseball Phrases'

"Baseball intelligentsia"
"Wears his emotions on his sleeve"
"Dead arm"
"High sky"
"Good pitching beats good hitting"
"Sitting dead red"
"The city by the Bay"
"Big Game James Shields"

What Ernie Johnson calls Cal Ripken on TBS broadcasts

"Iron Man"

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Nov 3, 2014


Below is the final "Ben" count for NBC announcers Al Michaels and Chris Collinsworth when discussing quarterback Ben Roethlisberger during Sunday's Pittsburgh-Baltimore game.

First half Ben Count

Total times said: 23 times during seven Steelers drives
Michaels: 12 Bens
Collinsworth: 11 Bens
Average Bens/drive: 3.2

Second half Ben Count

Total times said: 14 times during five Steelers drives
Michaels: 7 Bens
Collinsworth: 7 Bens
Average Bens/drive: 2.8

Final Ben Count

37 Bens

Ben of the night

Collinsworth: "You know, those 'Ben being Ben' plays."

Congratulations gentleman!