Jun 11, 2013

The people I saw today at Roswell Municipal Court

Useless lady
Standaround guy
Hey, there she is!
Useless lady 2
Ho ho! That’s the guy!
Standaround guy 2
Guy with handcuffs
Lady with pen
Standaround guy 3
Useless guy
Lady with concerned look
"Old what’s-his-name"
Useless guy 2
Weird-looking guy with a pencil
Guy with disappointed look
Lady with clipboard
Whispering lady
Lady pointing at things
Standaround lady
Out of breath guy
Nervous lady
Nervous friend of nervous lady
Standaround lady 2
That’s the guy from earlier
Sweaty lady
Lady who mispronounces everyone’s name
Hey, there he is!
Guy holding sheets of paper
Plotka 2
Loud guy
Useless lady 3
Foot-tapping guy
Standaround lady 3
Arms crossed serious guy
Staring guy
Stand up and walk over there lady
Guy with concerned look
Plotka 3
Useless guy 3
Lady who whispers things to other lady
Walk around lady
Guy with pen
Nervous guy scratching head often
Lady who only says “you’re good to go”
Staring guy 2
Guy who whispers things to lady who whispers things to other lady
Useless lady 4