Feb 21, 2015

Recent additions to "Baseball phrases"

"Bagels on the scoreboard"
"Angry swings"
"Whip motion"
"Go oppo"
"It fell in a Bermuda Triangle"

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Feb 15, 2015

Sports autographs for sale

Selph autographed baseball

* Contains some soy sauce

I'd be willing to part with the ball for any attorney refrigerator magnets, pre-1992
Andy  555-9924

Feb 2, 2015

Football phrases

Super Bowl 49 edition

"legion of boom"
"beast mode"
"you need your superstars to play huge in the Super Bowl"
"turf toe"
"aerial coverage"
"it's Shane Vereen time"
"there's the number two pencil in Bill Belichick's ear"