Feb 22, 2010


Eric Davis (12 games): 11 HR, 28 RBIs

Feb 11, 2010

Globetrotters messing with Charley

I've got to say, on Charley Steiner Appreciation Day, I DO NOT appreciate the way the Harlem Globetrotters are treating Charley Steiner.

- Email from reader Ernie Garrison

Film history

Charley played himself as an ESPN anchorman in this classic 1984 hit, which starred Scott Schutzman Tiler as "Boris" and Tim Kazurinsky as "Bart".

Movie won several awards, including:

* Best picture involving Charley Steiner (1984)

Follow me, follow me to freedom!

Chuck comes in right at the end with the highlight of the video

Charley on Vin Scully

In an interview with the Biz of Baseball's Maury Brown:

"The thing—and I say this all the time—I’ve learned so much from Vin. Not so much what he does on the air because nobody goes down Vin Scully Boulevard; that’s a one way street for him. But what I have learned is how he conducts himself as an icon. Watching him is like, whoa, geez! I don’t know how to describe it. He’s our Johnny Carson. He’s our Bob Dylan. He’s our John Lennon. He’s our Muhammad Ali. He’s the man."

Full interview

Steiner's 1992 Bowman card

* Odds of finding Charley Steiner "Neck Hair" insert - 1:3,500

Charley and Melrose Place

Chaz gets traded for Andrew Shue.

Advantage: Melrose Place

Contest winner

We asked our reader(s) to draw Charley Steiner, with the winner having his/her work displayed on ILTCSC.

Here's our first-prize drawing, by Thomas Lyons, age 13:

Charley Steiner Appreciation Day

I hear Chaz is announcing Dodgers games these days. This doesn't concern me. What does concern me is why ESPN hasn't been able to find a guy like Steiner since The Bearded One departed.....

We'll be celebrating Steiner all day. Here's two videos from his ESPN days:

Steiner's Sportscenter bloopers

'This is Sportscenter' commercial that ends with a Chaz knock out

Feb 6, 2010

Reader Contributions

This drawing comes from reader Lawrence Tifko III.

A little about Lawrence

Full name: Lawrence Ebeneezer Tifko III
Born: July 17, 1954, underneath the Pederson's couch
Current residence: the Pederson's laundry room
Likes: mayonaisse art
Dislikes: crawling without a purpose
Dating history: three dates with Mary Leonard (fall, 1988)-relationship ended after Tifko executed the rare fart/burp/pick trifecta
Personal slogan: "egg crate on a mudpack, baby"
Email address: sweatylt57@paymont.edu