Mar 26, 2015

Chris Webber

Mr. Webber, please share some of your insight from the Thursday games between Notre Dame/Wichita State and Kentucky/West Virginia...

"You stick with who brought you to the dance, you stick with that girl."

"You can't win a game in the first half. Just go into the locker room, put on your headphones, wash your hands, come back out."

(On West Virginia's BillyDee Williams) "Hopefully his game is as smooth as the actor"

"If you're lions, you don't worry about the complaints of a sheep"

Chris Webber Nonsense Update (C.W.N.U.) - 3/28 - Notre Dame vs. Kentucky

"You just can't all of a sudden find religion because you're in the Elite 8"

I guess my main question/concern would be: does anyone know what Chris Webber is talking about?

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