Mar 25, 2011


Eating 11 bowls of chili in a 44-hour span is not the best idea I've had.

Mar 10, 2011

That's Just About Enough of the Nonsense

It's time to play That's Just About Enough of the Nonsense.

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Mar 9, 2011

Teen Wolf Too Review

Special times from back in April

This is the greatest movie about a werewolf who becomes the star of his college boxing team.

What Teen Wolf Too provides:

- Chubby and Uncle Howard return for the sequel
- The worst rendition of "Do you love me" ever recorded, then lip-synced by Teen Wolf Too at a party where he jumps 30 feet in the air, backwards, onto a balcony
- One of the great movie mullets of all time, thank you Stuart Fratkin
- Frog fight
- John Rocker's acting debut
- Will Smith's acting debut
- Two-sport athlete Chubby goes undefeated as team's heavyweight boxer and is on the fencing team, giving us the most far-fetched dual-sporting career for a college athlete
- Teen Wolf Too catches a frisbee in his mouth, then signs autographs
- Three consecutive montage scenes with no dialogue
- Professor Tonya Brooks
- The "I'd like to change some classes" scene. Better than the last scene of Casablanca
- Teen Wolf Too loses his virginity to "send me an angel"
- Teen Wolf Too punches someone so hard that he flies 15 feet in the air and out of the boxing ring, destroying the press table

If I had to give it a rating on a scale of 1-10, I'd give it a 4,531,899,376.

- Derwood Morris 

Philadelphia Eagles Goodness

Pay particular attention to: Luis Zendejas at the 1:02 mark.