Jan 21, 2014

Jan 12, 2014

Don't sit like that

Submitted by ILTCSC reader Akash Shimarod

Jan 10, 2014

News story

A local resident doesn’t read newspapers despite having a newspaper subscription. In a photograph obtained by Newsletter correspondent Kerwin Daniels, a pile of more than 30 newspapers lies unread in front of apartment 340 of the Winter Green complex on Laddimore Street in Kaynesport.

The newspaper is believed to be the daily Livingston Courier and the pile goes back more than a month, according to Dottie Bainbridge, voted “nosiest” by the tenants in building 3 from 2009-2013.

“I go by their door and look almost every morning when I walk Pookie,” said Bainbridge, while holding up a leash that was tied to a 20 x 30 poster of a daschund.

The resident is also believed to have a pile of lunch meat that hasn’t yet been put on a sandwich and a pile of stairs that have yet to be climbed.

Jan 9, 2014

Additions to the ILTCSC glossary

Gumpter - trying on different types of sandals while chewing sandpaper
Icecubeman - half-man, half-ice cube
Keepough - a person who attempts to bottle a cough or a series of coughs

Jan 6, 2014

Sports photos by Bobby Feathers

Salem High School basketball players practice lay ups before a game with Newton High School in Conyers, Georgia January 4, 2014.

New music for 2014

Jan 4, 2014

News story

ATLANTA, GA - After jogging to a certain spot on the court, receiving a pass from a coach, dribbling a few times, setting his feet and raising his arms, Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans has been left with just 54 minutes and 12 seconds to release a practice shot, according to the above photograph obtained by staff reporter Dwayne Durly.

Evans declined to comment until he could release the shot and decide where to take his next practice shot.

It's not the first time Evans has taken his time with a practice shot. According to team archives, Evans waited until 33 minutes remained on the clock to release a practice shot in 2010, and at the end of a 2011 game let the clock run out completely without even attempting a shot. Head coach Tyrone Corbin added Evans, a third-year player out of Western Kentucky, has during weekday practices spent more minutes than any other Utah player "either dribbling or just standing around".

"Jeremy has to learn how to shoot earlier in the clock, there's no doubt about that," said Corbin, while attempting to recreate Evans' shooting motion with a watercolor painting. "We only have so much time before the game. One of these days he's going to have to shoot when the clock is at, say, 28 minutes. Then what?"

The Newsletter also learned that Evans' teammate, Trey Burke, was stretching one of his legs at the 46-minute mark, though at press time which leg had not yet been determined.

Jan 1, 2014

Jonathan Reed’s Atlanta Orchestra Flex Pass

I shoulder’d a phonecall
not soon after leaffall;
it was straight from the cries
of the need:
grayvoice Johnny Reed
watering soundplants from a seed

and selling speech about seats
with the beets under each.

J.J. Reed, theater fella
he soon turned to a shellofa:
“buy these knucklecracker passes!
‘two stubs up’ said the masses,
only a nickel
plus Miltons of taxes

though you can’t bring a dacksin
or your kitten or your mattress.