January 18, 2015

January 13, 2015

Phrases I don't ever want to hear again

By Dr. Robert Feathers

All-sports field of 16

1    “Mancave”
16   “Self-inflicted wounds”

8    “Chess match”
9    “No one has a crystal ball”

5    “Old school”
12   “X-factor”

4    “Throw the statistics out the window”
13   “Talking heads”

6    “Post-championship hangover”
11   “Championship DNA”

3    “David and Goliath”
14   “Pass the eyeball test”

7    “Teacher vs. pupil”
10   “Play within yourself”

2    “It is what it is”
15   “High motor”

January 10, 2015


Below is the final "you gotta give ____ credit" count for ESPN analyst Marc Jackson in the first half of Friday's Cleveland-Golden State game.

Total times said: 5

1. "You gotta give Klay Thompson credit"
2. "You gotta give Steve Kerr credit"
3. "You gotta give the Warriors credit"
4. "You gotta give Ohio State credit"
5. "You gotta give Timofey Mozgov credit"

January 6, 2015

Sports photos by Bobby Feathers

Texas State coach Danny Kaspar looks on during a recent game against Georgia State.