October 14, 2014

Recent additions to 'Baseball Phrases'

"Baseball intelligentsia"
"Wears his emotions on his sleeve"
"Dead arm"
"High sky"
"Good pitching beats good hitting"
"Sitting dead red"

What Ernie Johnson calls Cal Ripken on TBS broadcasts

"Iron Man"

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October 12, 2014

Things I heard one lady say during a volleyball match

"One at a time"  -  said 18 times

"Move your feet!"  -  10

"Side out!"  -  8

Other quotes:

"This is our time"
"Make it work"
"Lots of energy"
"Stay calm"
"Everybody's on the line"
"Everyone moving!"
"Be the ball"
"Take it back"
"Got to step up"
"If you're not moving you're not helping!"
"Good push"
"Shake it off!"
"Come on blockers!"

October 8, 2014

Recent additions to 'Football Phrases'

"College football landscape"
"He's throwing hospital balls"
"He was poised to house it"
"Ghost motion"
"Hit in the dentures"
"Trucking the defender"
"That pass had too much sauce on it"
"They need more eye discipline"

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October 4, 2014

Sports autographs for sale

Jim Snyder 1989 Topps card

* Comes with one toothbrush (slightly used)

I'd be willing to part with the card for any Iowa phone book 1998 or back
Clayton  555-0013

September 30, 2014