February 4, 2016

Grandma Wubba

I boarded holey canoe, Dwayne
and bound for Lake Magulla,
me clutched a batch a danfuldills
for me late Grandmudda.

She bit the bug one clown-filled day,
fell off a slippery horse,
flapped around in the stucky muds
it couldnabeen much worse!

I jocked up to her bungalow
set to sneef the gloom,
coughed a varmint twice-me-size
and swopped it with a broom.

I knocked pupon her wrinkled home
shoo-shoo’d a spotter’s web,
peeked on through the old bread door
but only found nurse Meg.

“Meg!” I snarled, as she waddled over,
“where sits me Grannjob, Wubba?!”
She pointed to a jar marked ‘Wub’
and then she lost her stutter.

“That’s her, you twit, can not you tell,
she only nursed your toes and feet,
she only bathed your roundit bum
and fed you honeysuckle beets!”

And then I saw it, plain as bagel,
it was me late grandmudda,
sitting silently in the jar
beside me late grandpudrick’s putter.

I scooped up grandmud then and there
wrapped her in me harms and sang
Carne Santa Rena tombs
and we waltzed out with a bang!

January 24, 2016

NHL Sunday


Sergei Makarov - injury, out for game

January 19, 2016

Independent baseball leagues

Chatham (VA) Dillows
Manalapan (NJ) Roofmustard
Sugarland (TX) Wool
Columbia (TN) Mailboxslugs
Fripp Island (SC) Night
Tusayan (AZ) Earmarbles
Missoula (MT) Marvs
Tiverton (RI) Yolk
Provo (UT) Where
Gulfport (MS) Sandscrews

January 5, 2016

Illinois-Iowa League

Elmhurst (IL) Armadarks
Cedar Rabids (IA) Glueguns
Waterloo (IA) Wallbruise
Skokie (IL) Bubgums
Sioux City (IA) Carpetsquid
Oskaloosa (IA) Murrays
Joliet (IL) Whitefish
Evanston (IL) Drivewaysnails
Rock Island IL) Yootrow
Dubuque (IA) Crubbs

Derwood Minor Leagues

January 3, 2016

Northeast League

Oil City (PA) Hoilers
Morristown (NJ) Ceilingsquirrels
Yonkers (NY) Gravel
Ithaca (NY) Sawdust
Syracuse (NY) Skytrout
West Orange (NJ) Passioncats
Norwich (CT) Darrens
Peekskill (NY) Riverpossum
West Haven (CT) Cake
Jersey City (NJ) Grass Sharks