November 20, 2015

Recent additions to 'Basketball Phrases'

"Defensive whiz"
"Triple double machine"
"Shooting pocket"
"A pocket of air space"
"Euro step"

November 2, 2015

Four-inning perfect game

Bruce Sutter (3 IP) and Ferguson Jenkins (1)

October 30, 2015

October 28, 2015

The Lumps Discography

Full-length LPs

1981 - The Lumps

1983 - Innocent Until Proven Funky
1985 - No, Not The Lumps Again!
1988 - Applesauce Pants
1993 - The Lumps Are Unable To Find The Exit To The Building
2000 - Greatest Hits (And One Other Song)


Peanut Butter Face/Stairway To The Parking Garage

You Give Goldfish A Bad Name/I Saw Mommy Kissing Everyone (Peggy Cliff cover)

Mayonnaise/(Countin' On) Pigeon Folk

Applesauce Pants/Wheelbarrow To Heaven

Ernie Davis Eyes/The Skin Infection From New York City


1990: Contributed "The Return Of Peanut Butter Face" to Boysenberries In The Hood soundtrack
1992: Contributed "The Sounds Of Sinus" to the Ear, Nose & Throat Northeast Conference giveaway CD
1996: Contributed "You Give Goldfish A Bad Name" to Things We Lost In The Coleslaw soundtrack