Feb 20, 2018

The new Billy

Its been nearly three years since we met Billy, the play-by-play announcer who dazzled us during the Milwaukee-Wright State baseball game, including coining the phrase "looks to be a catcher, number Sean Murphy".

Tuesday's game (Tennessee beat Lipscomb 8-5) we met the new, and improved Billy!

And fortunately this time we got his name. It's Andy Brock! (Billy!):

"he's already through the first batters of the Bisons"
"Chinea gave great minutes for the Vols"
"it's fouled directly backwards"
"the newcomer pitcher"
"looking to swing the ball"
"making sure the Vols don't get too into scoring position"
"in their first ever win of the season"
"and the first swing for the Vols is a successful one"
"he is a fan of runners on base"
"couldn't quite collect his stance there"
"a very productive offensive outing"
"Thomas interested in the pitch....did he go around?"
"as the Vols set to take the plate"
[after a second inning strike out] "Zach Daniels looking to make up for that later in the game"
"this man is looking to increase his stats heavily this season"
"he can fly around the paths"
"back in the top of the third, this is a very young game here at Lindsey Nelson Stadium"
"since then Hunley hasn't strucken out anyone"
"letting Hooker walk right onto home"
"Vitello has worked with multiple NBA stars, including Andrew Benintendi of the Boston Redsox"
"Dayton Tripp is settling into this mound"
"you never know what you're going to get night in and night out with Benito, but you know you're going to get firepower"
"a swing and a deep cut"
"Chinea puts a piece on the ball"
"hoping to center one out"
"late in the third quarter"
"to give them a nice six point cushion"
"Tennessee gets across zero in the fourth inning"
"that probably would've been a double or a single in the MLB"
"the bats have been decently consistent"
"he does give off a nice blast"
"a little conference over at the mound"
"they have deemed Adam Stewart's day to be done"
"Dorso's really investigating his runners over there"
"they'll only have one inning to get back this three-run lead"
"one double to his name"
"Vazquez has been dialed in, no one's been really able to face him"
"and the Volunteers take the one game mid week game series"

Feb 16, 2018

Closed Captioning!

I was watching the first game of the Liberty-VCU series last Friday (Liberty won 5-4 thanks to home runs from Jonathan Embry and Tre Todd) and at one point play-by-play man Alan York started talking about great baseball names.

York eventually mentioned a Lynchburg Hillcats (Single A Cleveland Indians) player named Sicnarf Loopstok.

Sicnarf is a former milb.com name of the year recipient, and while that's fantastic it's also sad since apparently the last competition took place in 2014.

Anyway, back to Friday's broadcast, which included closed captioning for some reason. This is the text that came up on my screen during the Loopstok portion of the telecast:

Sicknar Flupsnop!

York pronounced it correctly, so missing the first name by a couple letters isn't too bad.


I can imagine a member of the Loopstok family tuning in for the first game of a mid-February, non-conference game between Liberty and VCU, hearing the name pronounced correctly by York.

"Isn't that nice, they mentioned Sicnarf."

[Sees the closed captioning]


Jan 30, 2018

Basketball phrase diary, part 5

Games played from 1/9 - 1/29/18

Wisconsin-Nebraska, 1/9, Big 10 Network

"dribble drive"

and in pre-game (rare)

"elevator man"
"energy plays"
"the 1,000, 700, 200 club" (!)

LSU-Arkansas, 1/10, SEC Network

"twin towers"
"happy feet"
"trying to change the culture"/"the changing of the culture"
"a fade and fire"
"getting points on blow bys"
"hustle points"
"it's a basketball move"
"I like to call it an 'equal opportunity offense'"
"carving out space"
"buzzing nationally"

Duke-Pittsburgh, 1/10, ESPN2

Karl Ravech & Laphonso Ellis:

"continues to have that program percolating"
"get downhill with the dribble"
"that's hunting your shot"
"a transcendent type player"
"ran out of real estate"
"old school"
"this Pitt team has put on their battle hats"
"the upper echelon of the ACC"
"chest high and he let it fly"
"one and done"

UT-Rio Grande Valley-Cal Bakersfield, 1/11, WAC Digital Network

"this basketball savvy audience"
"a very festive party in the key"
"beautiful euro step"
"the 7-1 southpaw Aussie gunslinger" (!)
"they think they smell blood in the water"
"instant offense"
"a boatload of points"

Green Bay women-IUPUI, 1/15, espn3.com

"attack mode"
"active hands"
"to come into IUPUI's house and introduce themselves"
"a statement game"

DePaul-Marquette, 1/15, Fox Sports 1

"three-headed monster"
"score in bunches"
"Coach K"
"high octane Marquette team"
"Dave Leitao and his hungry bunch of Blue Demons"
"he's a very good lane cutter"
"empty possession"
"retro post move"
"classic pick and pop"
"I love his pizzazz"
"floor burns"
"it's a big boy conference"

Oklahoma-Kansas State, 1/16, ESPNU

"a collective rebounding unit"
"run out"
"see the ball go through the hoop" (6)
"he's shooting a hot basketball"
"he's been the junkyard dog this game"

Western Michigan-Kent State, 1/16, espn3.com

"heat check"
"vintage Jay Walker"
"simply has a special type of vision"
"the announcer's jinx"
"you can see the confidence oozing off him"
"from triple land"
"a scrappy 30 seconds"

Texas Tech-Texas, 1/17, Longhorn Network

Tyler Denning & Lance Blanks:

"they think he makes really good basketball decisions"/
"they force you to have to make serious basketball decisions"
"the engine for this Texas offense"
"neither one of these team wants to give up easy baskets"

Thanks, Lance.

"hang their hat on defense"

Fresno State-San Diego State, 1/17, ESPNU

Drew Fellios & Sean Harrington:

"Fresno State wants good body ball movement" (?)
"value the basketball"
"that it factor that you can't really teach"
"circus shot"
"Fresno State a blue collar, hard-nosed team"
"here in Aztecs country"
"pursue the basketball"
"the one word he used to describe Grimes was 'motor'"
"his game has gone euro tonight"
"that's what length does for you in the game of basketball"
"master recruiter"
"muscle memory"

Rider women-Marist, 1/21, espn3.com

"great pace to the tin"
"active hands by Rebekah Hand"
"off the bounce" (11)
"pushing pace"
"stir the drink for Lynn Milligan and Rider"
"a three prong attack"
"heady possession"
"look the basketball into your hands"

Appalachian State women-Troy, 1/22, espn3.com

"a double-double machine"
"I am impressed by App State's activity, they are efforting out there"

- Barry McKnight

"makes a coach's hair turn gray"
"token pressure"
"a little more pep in their step"

West Virginia-TCU, 1/22, ESPN

"NCAA implications"
"a steady diet of motion offense"
"what a nose for the ball he has"
"a terrific pipeline down under"
"they want to be more of a bully ball team"
"Press Virginia" (4)
"right now TCU is winning the energy battle"
"the basketball gods"
"J.D. Miller ordered room service, got it delivered"
"renewed vigor"

Stanford-USC, 1/24, ESPNU

"spark off the bench"
"you got to play better position defense"
"the bench gang getting some run"
"that next man up mentality"
"high degree of difficulty"
"slides through him like a knife through butter"
"roller coaster ride of a season"
"throwing dimes all over the place"
"flipped the switch mentally"

Colorado State-New Mexico, 1/27, ESPN

"they've bought in"
"high riser"
"you see where their bread is buttered"
"quick strike ability"
"they like to turn this into a feeding frenzy"
"let's take the air out of the ball"

Old Dominion women-Rice, 1/28, espn3.com

Pre-game exchange:

pxp Matt Pedersen: "she's truly brought culture"
cc John Witten: "not only culture, but charisma"

"court awareness"
"she's just out-quicking her defender"
"the most valuable thing in the gym is the basketball"

VMI-Samford, 1/29, espn3.com

"VMI is playing with something that's not in our stat sheet, it's called swagger. And you can't teach that."

Jan 24, 2018

Discarded clothing photography

Jeff Hamada (@jeffhamada) has an excellent art blog - booooooom.com - and we were fortunate enough to have a collection of discarded clothing photographs appear on the site. These photos were taken in places like Atlanta, Georgia, and New Orleans, Louisiana, and are now part of Jeff's submissions page at this link.

Jeff's got everything at his site: tons of great photographs, illustrations & comics, plus great articles on a variety of art subjects.

We're excited to be a part of it.