May 9, 2016

Record review

I'm always looking to add to my record collection, and during trips to Goodwill or a thrift shop will occasionally find a gem.

Now, I'm not talking about something like when I stumbled upon a copy of Led Zeppelin III for $1.

I'm talking about a GEM.

May 9, 2016 was the day I purchased the 1987 Georgio record, "Sex Appeal."

Right away, we see the Sex Appeal, and unfortunately can see one of its nipples

Let's go over a few things:

1. Look at that belt!

That thing has something, but it isn't sex appeal.

I think what it actually has is the ability to hold up a construction worker's pants.

2. Did he just get finished painting....his hair? What is the story with his shorts? And the yellow glove?

3. Look at that belt!

Alright, let's head to the back:

Chest/belt, part 2!

And somehow his shorts contain MORE paint. Did the photographer (back cover says it was Aaron Rapoport) catch Georgio in the act of painting and they both decided "you know what - we're here, you're already painting, want to just shoot the album cover?" ?

On to the music...

Side 1

1 - "Sex Appeal". The title track gives us a nice glimpse of what the entire record is going to be like: bad synthesizers, human moaning (or: a dog tail having to listen to a dog's tail being stepped on) & absurdly long.

So: classic Georgio.

He sounds like something Prince scraped off his shoe.

2 - "Lover's Lane". The best part about this track was Georgio waited about 40 seconds before he began singing. It was a glorious moment in my life that I'll cherish forever.

And then the chorus happened: "Lover's Lane...Lover's Lane...Lover's Lane...Lover's Lane...Lover's Lane...Lover's Lane...Lover's Lane."

Quick conversation between Georgio and his lady friend:

Girl - "Georgio, if my father caught us up here, he'd kill us."

Georgio (monotone) - "Kill us?"

Girl (slightly-less monotone) - "Kill us."

Georgio - "Well don't worry about it baby. Just trust me, OK?"

Girl - "OK."

3 - "1/4 2 9". I don't know what the title is supposed to mean, but my guess is 1/4 of the people who bought this record were deaf and the other 29 thought they were buying a romantic novel-on-record called Georgio.

Lyric of our lifetime: "My father told me that God was great, in which I pray every night, real late." 

4 - "Menage A Trois".

Side 2

5 - "Bed Rock". [Still recovering from 'Menage A Trois', missed most of track]

6 - "Tina". Opening sequence: 15 consecutive seconds of 'work, work, work, work, work, work, work wa-wa-wa-work."

None of this is making any sense at all.

7 - "Hey You". By track 7 Georgio just doesn't care anymore. It's 1987 and he's the next Prince, or at the very least he's hiding in the next studio and stealing from Prince.

At one point during this song, Georgio alternates from saying he's tired to saying he wants to dance. Is he tired or does he want to dance?!

8 - "I Won't Change". Well, I just listened to this entire record, so I already knew that.

An actual lyric from this song:

"Don't you want to see me naked, baby?"

Seen it, Georgio.


Final thought

- This album is categorized as "R&B/Funk". I'll agree on the blues part: this album made me sad. Rhythm? Scary ones, yes, but OK.


What I found in the back of my refrigerator (old pasta) yesterday was funk. I'd like to categorize this music as Post-far and B Fhlump.