Jan 18, 2010

Food review

"Now that's just a quality snack item."

- ILTCSC intern, Murray

Jan 15, 2010

Zaxby's Comment Card

"Why is everyone so stingy with the sauce? I got my sandwich and I said 'can I get some more sauce'? She says to me 'why don't you open your own chicken restaurant and that way you can have all the sauce you want, grandpa?!' I said 'maybe I will.' But I never did. Drinking ketchup straight out of the big container is a bad idea."

Jan 12, 2010


Your Teen Wolf Too reminder

"Well it is true that sometimes it skips family members. Your mother and father aren't werewolves."

Jan 8, 2010

TV flashback

The Monday Night Football game is Baltimore-Cleveland!

Most exciting events on my TV: Monday, November 16, 2009

1. South Florida vs. Virginia
2. Hawks vs. Trailblazers
3. A Dennis the Menace Christmas on the Family Channel
4. Clemson-NC State football from four days ago on CSS
77. South Carolina vs. Georgia Southern
109. Baltimore-Cleveland MNF

Jan 2, 2010

Someone just beefed.