Mar 29, 2015


The N.C. State softball team defeated Georgia Tech 10-0 Sunday afternoon in Atlanta, but that wasn't the main story. A fan sitting front row next to the Wolfpack dugout? He was the star of the show.

He had nicknames and phrases for many of the N.C. State players. Here's the full list:

Alyssa Compton - "A-C", "We believe A-C!", "Pretty work, A-C!"
Molly Hutchison - "Wood", "Molls"
Tyler Ross - "T-Ross", "Good talkin' T-Ross!", "Be the boss, T-Ross!"
Maggie Hawkins - "Mags", "Hawk", "That's the Hawk!", "Be a hawk!"
Emily Weiman - "Em", "Eat 'em up, Em!"
Renada Davis (jersey #25) - "Ray", "Ray-Ray", "Nada", "2-5 you a playa!"
Hannah Yeager - "Yoggs", "Yeager bombs"
Macauley Prickett - "Mac", "Smack"
Morgan Medford - "Smash"

Shouts to no one in particular

"Be a beast!"
"Keep faith!"

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