Dec 21, 2013

News story

When he purchased a basketball goal for his sons last Christmas, local man Randy Kepshire thought it would lead to great success on the court for Randy Jr., age 13, and nine-year old Harold. Instead, the hoop, located in front of the family’s home at 345 Durly Court, has gone nearly a full calendar without a single shot being made into it.

Nearly a year after the purchase, Kepshire estimates more than 2,000 shots have been missed by the two boys.

“Not even a lucky shot has gone in. You know, maybe Randy Jr. throws the ball up in the air as a joke and it goes in,” said Kepshire, 42. “We didn’t count a shot Harold made in June because my wife, Patrice has pictures of him using a ladder.”

Kepshire was skeptical of his sons’ athletic ability even before he purchased the hoop December 9, 2012. He's now convinced they should be discouraged from sports altogether.

“I wanted to raise the next Michael Jordan, but these kids play more like Estelle Jordan,” said Kepshire, while pointing to his next-door neighbor, Estelle Jordan.

Dec 17, 2013

Cast list announced

The cast has been chosen for the upcoming Lyle Chainko play Pass The Salt: A Love Story:

Perry Rabbdoff as salt shaker
Sasha Durly as herself
Peebop Stensen as rearview mirror/rearview mirror alter ego Paul Plank
apple core as itself
Roscoe Nenna as Mel from Jersey
pepper shaker as Judge Maxwell
Murray and Katherine Reynolds as lucky couple #6
Patrick Naz as telephone polls 6-through-14
Byron Zorma as the OPEN DOOR elevator button
Harriet Winstrom as Pepano Vodka spokesgirl Paula Vantz
Kernop-9 as the evil grains of salt of sadness
Edwin San-Michael as Professor Kenneth Murphy

In theaters January 3!

Dec 13, 2013

Sports photos by Bobby Feathers

Kyle Korver practices his free throw shooting at Philips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia before the Atlanta Hawks-Washington Wizards game on December 13, 2013

Dec 11, 2013

Walking With Soup (Kaye and Ess, part 3)

Slither in boo-bop down the street
in their five-toed canvas-covered feet
it was lovelys, Kaye & Ess to share
a cup of minestrone Pete-

-a bread to dunkinto the broth
it's making eaches pieces soft
this drizzly noon atop Mount Claire
they've spotted discarded pieces of cloth

The 'strone having long since past
they snack upon a bowl of bass
spoon-in-spoon Kaye and Ess leave bare
the seafood-spotted cauldron's mass

Strolling 'pon their final spot
(a soup trade show, said the atlas dot)
Kaye and Ess could only stare:
'twas Souperman stirring the noodle pot.

Dec 4, 2013

Auburn basketball fact of the day

Assistant coach Milt Wagner is married to the former Jan Ford of Memphis.

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Dec 1, 2013

Photo caption contest winner

"Georgia coach Andy Landers watches Sunday's game against Georgia State."

[Submitted by Bernie Topada]