Jun 25, 2012


There was a plump man on a rail
whose pep had retired and set sail;
his orange, plaid pants,
they were chockfull of fire ants
that plump little man we called Dale.

Jun 22, 2012

Food review

"I'll tell you exactly what we have right here: a quality snack item!"

- Edgardo Mejia

Jun 5, 2012

Autographed Jesus Memorabilia Now Available

Mini baseball

Personalized autograph to Stanley

To purchase either item, email derwoodmorris@gmail.com.
More autographed Jesus memorabilia coming soon.

Jun 3, 2012


There was an old man whose feet
resembled the rump of a sheep;
he had paid many pounds,
so they'd look like a clown's
and now he has much bigger feet