Baseball phrases

A handy guide
by Dr. Robert Feathers

"Cardinal sin"
"That's a Major League pop up"
"Just take it one out at a time"
"You have to believe in your stuff"
"One pitch, one spot"
"Let the chips fall where they may"
"Ducks on the pond"
"In his wheelhouse"
"Stay within himself"
"Pound the strike zone"
"Looking for something to drive"
"Stay tall"
"Arm action"
"Table setters"
"Dial up"
"He has plenty in the tank"
"They love his work ethic"
"Clubhouse presence"
"His curve ball has bite"
"He commands both sides of the plate"
"Spark plug"
"He stayed quiet through the zone"
"Double-barrel action"
"A little extra giddy up"
"Small ball"
"Small balling them to death"
"Smart ball"
"Make someone else beat you"
"Bulldog mentality"
"On the black"
"He likes the way they compete"
"You have to turn the page"
"Pitch to the glove"
"Just trying to stay square"
"That's a big league play"
"Baseball shape"
"Paint job"
"Barrel one up"
"Two-strike approach"
"Embracing the spoiler role"
"Fan favorite"
"The dog days of August"
"Dry swings"
"Leave it all out on the field"
"Free baseball"
"Conventional wisdom"
"Repeating his delivery"
"Fleet of foot"
"Falling in love with the breaking ball"
"Roll a pair"
"Square one up"
"Let it carry"
"It found some grass"
"Pitching is like real estate: it's all about location"
"Painted that one with a 95 mile per hour brush"
"Right in the bread basket"
"The game within the game"
"Base knocks"
"Fundamentally sound"
"Front door breaking ball"
"Bang-bang play"
"A swing-and-miss guy"
"The stats on the back of his bubblegum card"
"Putting together a good A-B"
"Spikes pointing to the heavens"
"Ground ball jammage"
"Pitch to the ballpark"
"He's throwing darts"
"Loose arm action"
"That ball had English on it" 
"Crooked number"
"The Mendoza Line"
"Push the envelope"
"This park plays big"
"Herky jerky"
"Power slider"
"He split the chest protector with that fastball"
"It fell off the table"
"Violent delivery"
"Getting on some cheese"
"He understands all of the nuances"
"Letting some head out"
"Heavy lumber"
"12-to-6 curve ball"
"Efficiency rate"
"Wall scraper"
"Baseball intelligentsia"
"Wears his emotions on his sleeve"
"Dead arm"
"High sky"
"Good pitching beats good hitting"
"Sitting dead red"
"There's a bushel of outs on the mound - fill that basket!"
"World Series chops"
"Players refer to that as a 'cement mixer'"
"Bagels on the scoreboard"
"Angry swings"
"Whip motion"
"Go oppo"
"It fell in a Bermuda Triangle"
"RBI knock"
"Let's see if he can roll one up"
"Stabbing at the baseball"
"I need to get those few more velos"
"Base running snafu"
"Plug a gap"
"Spray chart"
"Put it in your back pocket"
"Old reliable"
"Cream of the crop"
"Heavy ball"
"Web gem"
"Finishing action"

Michael Kay

"The pitch count monster"
"Exit stage right"
"That was right down Beltran Boulevard"
"Major League debut on the Broadway stage"/"Biggest stage in baseball: opening on Broadway"
"Straight from central casting"
"Baptism by fire"
"Glove was a many splendored thing"

The F.P. Santangelo Hall of Fame

"That was a front hip job"
"He sold his soul to the fastball"
"That ball had a little hair on it"
"Clutching it up"
"Roll out of bed and rake"

Rex Hudler All Stars

"He tried to sneak a piece of cheese by a hungry rat"
"Frenzy htting"
"Two-out lightning"

What Ernie Johnson calls Cal Ripken on TBS broadcasts

"Iron Man"



Aaron Boone Special

"Got to look for the Royals to force the envelope"

An evening with Andy Brock


Team, player, city or stadium-specific phrases

"Lovable losers"
"Core Four"
"Rally monkey"
"Big Game James Shields"

Please don't mention these things again

"True Yankee"
"Resumed baseball activities"
"Redsox nation"
"Tommy John"