Jan 10, 2014

News story

A local resident doesn’t read newspapers despite having a newspaper subscription. In a photograph obtained by Newsletter correspondent Kerwin Daniels, a pile of more than 30 newspapers lies unread in front of apartment 340 of the Winter Green complex on Laddimore Street in Kaynesport.

The newspaper is believed to be the daily Livingston Courier and the pile goes back more than a month, according to Dottie Bainbridge, voted “nosiest” by the tenants in building 3 from 2009-2013.

“I go by their door and look almost every morning when I walk Pookie,” said Bainbridge, while holding up a leash that was tied to a 20 x 30 poster of a daschund.

The resident is also believed to have a pile of lunch meat that hasn’t yet been put on a sandwich and a pile of stairs that have yet to be climbed.

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