Dec 11, 2013

Walking With Soup (Kaye and Ess, part 3)

Slithering in boo-bop down the street
in their five-toed canvas-covered feet
it was lovelys, Kaye & Ess to share
a cup of minestrone Pete-

-a bread to dip into the broth
it's making eaches pieces soft
this drizzly noon on top of Mount Pare
they've spotted discarded pieces of cloth

The 'strone having long since past
they snack upon a bowl of bass
spoon-in-spoon Kaye and Ess leave bare
the seafood-spotted cauldron's mass

As they stroll upon their final spot
(a soup trade show, said the atlas dot)
Kaye and Ess could only stare-
it was Souperman stirring the noodle pot.

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