May 18, 2012

Winnepo-Jathaway IV Set

Two of the greatest coleslaw fighters of the modern era, Hog Winnepo and Jum Jathaway, have officially scheduled their long-awaited fourth heavyweight fight.

The two will meet in a 15-round bout, June 17 at Feathers Fairgrounds. The winner's share is a CAAEI (Coleslaw Association of America Except Indiana) record $17.50, while the loser will drop to the consolation bracket and entered into an all-you-can-eat gravel competition.

Here is a quick recap of the previous three fights:

March, 1977 - Before the CAAEI officially sanctioned 15-round bouts, Winnepo defeated Jathaway in the 88th round with his now-famous "coleslaw-in-your-ear". The Horace toy corporation issues its Hog Winnepo dolls, but has to pull all toys off the shelves when Terry Noodles, a 33-year old man in Cleveland, Ohio, accidentally ingests the figurine's feet and passes.

December, 1985 - Christmas Eve bout held at the North Pole is a split decision won by Winnepo. He later forfeits the title after a CAAEI-issued test comes up positive for performance-enhancing penguins.

NOTES (January, 1986-to-July, 1999)
* January, 1985 - June, 1994: Winnepo missing/feared dead.
* July, 1994: Winnepo reported dead.
* September, 1994: Winnepo found to be alive. Actual death belonged to former mall Santa Claus Paul Peters.

August, 1999 - An out-of-shape Jathaway eats his way out of the coleslaw pit and escapes arena. He isn't seen again for over 13 years. Winnepo wins by default and nearly overdoses on coleslaw during victory celebration.

- The Ice Cube Museum & Tasting Tour contributed to this story

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