Dec 21, 2017

Adrian Crawford!

That's the name of the ACC Network announcer who said the word "basketball" more than any other in the history of us writing down how many times people say the word "basketball".

In Florida State's 98-45 rout of Southern Miss Thursday afternoon, Crawford said it 70 times. That's 29 more than Steve Smith in his memorable, March, 2015 performance (though only Smith's second half was tallied that evening).

Here's a breakdown on Crawford's big day:

First half: said 37 times
Average/game minute: 1.8

Second: 33
Average/game minute: 1.6


"this basketball club" (said 12 times)
"been around the basketball block"
"a man to man basketball club"
"that is what championship basketball clubs do" (2)
"making really good basketball plays"
"the Wilkes family basketball tree"

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