Nov 17, 2017

Basketball phrases 2017-2018 tour diary

Basketball season is underway, so it's time we also move over to the hardwood & continue our sports phrase diaries.

Here's part 1 from games played between November 1 - November 16

Philadelphia-Atlanta, 11/1, Fox Sports Southeast

"broadcaster's jinx"
"defending by committee" (2)
"the engine that drives this Hawks team"
"youth will be served"

Carver College-Georgia State, 11/10,

"chip on their shoulder"
"floor vision"
"basketball IQ" (2)
"heat check"
"he's a coach's son" (2)

Loyola Marymount-UT Arlington, 11/11,

"very athletic big"
"physicality on the boards"
"got down and got a floor burner or two"
"the complete glue for UTA"
"post depth"
"the Mavericks have scaled the mountain!"
"they're long....and they're not just long, their fresh!"
"both teams have tightened the screws"
"very heady"
"ice in the veins"


our first of the season - :16 to go in the second half

Howard-Indiana, 11/12, Big 10 Network

"the pressure cooker that is the Indiana Hoosiers"
"integral cog in the attack"
"rise and fire"
"he's got a lot of city in his game"
"Bob Hurley at St. Anthony's" (2)
"tear drop" (2)
"volume shooters"
"court vision"
"and now a teaching moment"
"on NBA scouts' radar"
"hoops hotbed"
"old school"
"tremendous upside"
"the Butler way"

NC Central-Evansville, 11/13,

"it's brunch basketball in the Crescent City"
"hoop and harm" (2)
"played overseas"
"shot prowess"
"basketball IQ between the ears"
"dribble drive" (3)


our first of the season, 6:28 left in second half

Rhode Island-Nevada, 11/13, ESPNU

"spin cycle"
"energy in the building"
"that's KYP, know your personnel"
"isos"/"isolation ball"
"play within yourself"
"that's a really good basketball play"
"they're body hunting"

Montana-Penn State, 11/15, Big 10 Network

"point of emphasis" (3)
"shot blocking presence" (5)

Auburn-Indiana State, 11/16, ESPNU

"power 5 schools"
"bodying up"
"the pick and pop" (2)
"this team has the green light...neon green"
"survive and advance"
"feast week is upon us" (6)
"that's an NBA body" (2)
"in Hoosierland"
"fundamental basketball"
"that's Sycamore basketball"

Appalachian State-Iowa State, 11/16, ESPNU

"he's a shot seeker"
"face of the program"
"incredible upside"
"he's a Toronto Raptor baby"
"stretch four"
"floor burns"/"if you go by skin burns"
"post presence" (3)
"basketball hot spot"
"a high IQ transition play"
"fabric of your program and your culture"
"hard hedge"
"he's long at the rim"

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