Apr 6, 2015

Bill Raftery

Here's a healthy collection of Bill Raftery Nonsense (B.R.N.) from the three final four games:

"Let the traffic subside and drill it!"
"Let him take the collection on Sunday, reward that parish!"
"He'll put his arms around a city"
"Quick hitters"
"Quick slip"
"Nice little lock low"
"Knows how to curl with that derriere!"
"You've got to hug the screener"
"Carte blanche on the dribble drive"
"Frank rearranging the adam's apple"
"Pocket pass"
"Forcing Kentucky to make basketball plays"
"When he's in there, they use rubs"
"Dribble drive"
"You just welcome newcomers"
"Flex run"
"He knows how to put you in a suitcase"
"You don't need a dietician, just give him a taste. A morsel!"

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