Oct 9, 2013

The phrases I heard fans yell at a high school softball game

"It's all about you"
"Turn on it"/"Turn on it hard"/"Turn on one and drive it"
"Hands out"
"Relax and have fun"
"Find you a way"
"I see you up there"
"Base hit, do a job"
"Hands and eyes to the ball"
"You're ready now"/"Now you're ready"
"Make the adjustment"
"Let those hands go"
"We ain't laying down"
"Take off baby"
"Top of the ball"
"Eye on the prize"
"Fight it off"
"Take your time"
"No rush, stay strong"
"Be talking out there"
"Hit it hard someplace"
"Don't get frustrated"
"Bat on the ball"
"Through the zone, you can do it"
"Get that posture right"
"Battle"/"Battle with 2"
"One pitch one spot"
"Elbows and knees"
"Use your corners"
"Let's heat it up"/"Let's warm it up"
"Stay hot"
"Paint them corners"
"Need somebody to talk"
"Keep pushing"
"Got to come to you"
"Knock it out"
"Adjust"/"Adjust to the pitch"
"Climb the ladder"
"Got to be your pitch"
"Fight back"
"Good cut"
"Make it be there"
"Turn them hips"
"Protect, gotta protect"
"Step up right here one time"
"No pain no gain"
"Sling it, girl"
"Use your legs"
"Way to do a job"
"Be aggressive in the zone"
"Don't let it jam you"
"Everything's out in front"
"Be ready to hit"
"Stay behind it"

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