Oct 29, 2010

Things got ugly at the Stick

The Giants threw at Willie McGee after Jack Clark ripped a three-run home run in the fifth. Unfortunately for Robbie Thompson, he led off the bottom half of the inning.

"The animosity from (SF pitcher, Mike) Krukow could've come from the fact that we stole at will on Bob Brenly," said St. Louis manager Ozzie Yorlap. "But if you're three-hopping it into second, I'm sending Vince Coleman and the boys all game, baby. It's about winning RBI Baseball championships, not sparing some noodle arm's feelings."


  1. the home team couldn't send in bob melvin behind the plate?
    by the way...i defy you to give me a better baseball name from the eighties than chili davis.

  2. http://iltcsc.blogspot.com/2009/10/chili-davis.html