May 9, 2010

This Week in Gross

We're starting a new segment here at ILTCSC called This Week in Gross.

This week: Ruby Tuesday salad bar

"We have a sneeze guard!"

That's fantastic. Do you have an I Wiped My Nose With My Hand and Then Grabbed the Ranch Dressing Ladle guard?

How about an Old Woman Skin Flakes guard?

Maybe you can check in the walk-in freezer for a Six-Year Old Whose Never Washed His Hands guard.

You have none of those items? Then why don't you go ahead and keep the sunflower seed kernels and the raisins. I'm going to eat something that I'm pretty sure only two people - the cook and the server - touched.

I didn't circle the restaurant shaking everyone's hand and then licked my own hand after each shake, so why would I eat from this salad bar?

Extra point: A mirror is provided so everyone can see how disgusting they are.

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