Mar 2, 2010

Ramen noodles live blog

5:56 p.m. - At grocery store

5:59 p.m. - Special Crazy Guy Sundays

In cereal aisle:

"Oat and berry? Shoot, I ain't mimblin with Sheron when she clomp the milk bats, baby. Chocula grew a hanky fat, momma. Yoonoiainlion."

6:03 p.m. - Chicken ramen noodle purchased

$.11 change from $1

6:17 p.m. - Water boiling

6:21 p.m. - Water spilled; burned finger (left index)

6:23 p.m. - Throw out peas; red things

6:31 p.m. - Final noodle eaten

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