Dec 3, 2010

Mark Holton: Sports movie legend

He's no Chelcie Ross, a man who portrayed George in Hoosiers, Eddie Harris in Major League and Dan Devine, the most hated man in South Bend, in Rudy. That's like Cy Young's win total-that thing is never going to be topped.

But Mark Holton is a solid second; consider him the 2008 Memphis to Ross' Kansas.


Holton played Chubby, the power forward with a delicatessen in his locker and a Kareem-esque hook shot, in Teen Wolf. He returned as Chubby in Teen Wolf Too, this time as a heavyweight boxer for Hamilton University. To complete the dynamic trio, Holton appeared in Little Giants as Mr. Zolteck, father of Rudy Zolteck, one of the great movie farters of all time.

Solid work, Holton.

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