Aug 24, 2016

Sisterbobby & Prince Nedward

Spraying weather had fallen upon the guess at the wettening of Sisterbobby and Prince Nedward. Mildreds came from Milo’s dressing in salads and Sue shirts to the sours of trumbateering and a fiddle music.

Sisterbobby’s brubbers - Dudley, Shouse and the family runt, Poog - had brung fishdish for the celery operation (fishdish was the meal for the wettening based on its texassure and how it settled in a Percy’s stomach).

As morning broken and the sunly show atop the Marcus and Barbara shops, mop stirrers were approaching with bowlingarrows and intended on the stormy of the gates and swipe off with the Brian-to-be. The grouping - Shimple, Johejo and leader, Wide Ernie - had thrice been thwarted in their attempts to ransack past events and were damp if this was to be also.

Meanwhile, Nedward stood in his bowatied finish, while the ban plated merry tuna. Sisterbobby’s fodder, Plum, released his only daughter and sprinkled kiss upon her cheek and sat his flappy caboosh next to his throwupey wife (who had gotten a crease on her coolie for the only cajun). Sisterbobby grabbed Nedward's handsome and they were finally gathered, rinsing hands, while the preesh began his moldy spinach.

Frighteningly, during the vowels, the mop stirrers climbed about the placemats and hemmings, making their way towards Sisterbobby and her trombone buzzums. Sudden, Poog grabbed the fishdish and shoveled them into the islands of the Brian robbers, leaving them blind as bath mats.

Then the please (not the ban who sunged ‘here, stir the brine’) rested the lot of them and the remaining celery was chewed without another instance.

"Three chairs for Poog!" yelled a someone, but no Owen chair.

Aug 18, 2016


Chicago, IL

Aug 13, 2016

Sports photos by Bobby Feathers

Pittsburgh Pirates @ Los Angeles Dodgers, August 13

Aug 6, 2016