Mar 21, 2014

Mar 16, 2014

Basketball phrases I don't ever want to hear again

Selection Sunday Edition

Clark Kellogg on CBS' selection show:

"He impacts winning in multiple ways."

Providence coach Ed Cooley on 790 AM in Atlanta on forward LaDontae Henton:

"He's our glue bucket guy."

Mar 8, 2014

List of musical acts for festival announced

1st Derwood Festival (April 18-19, 2014)

Musical acts scheduled to appear:

Napkin Cole
Lion El Reggie
Steamy Knicks
Bowl Definitely
Mick’s Jaguar and the Rowing Stoves

And The B Eeels!

Job Lemon
Wrinkle Star
Jorges Hairraisin
Pullthecart, Neil

Tickets: 555-3773

Mar 3, 2014

Don't sit like that

[Submitted by ILTCSC reader Akash Shimarod]